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It's my last day here and now I have to look forward to the last three weeks of the season, beginning next week in Madrid. Tomorrow I have a very early start because I will have to wake up around 4 o'clock for a plane at seven. It will be a difficult day - particularly after I celebrate a little bit tonight with my friends - but that is the life of a tennis player.

Right now I am sitting in the locker room after a long final that I lost against Davydenko. I am pretty disappointed about a few things in my head. The most disappointing thing is I had a chance to win, but today Nikolay was much better. It was a great success for the tournament to have two Russians in the final and it was great to play in front of a full crowd.

I heard that some fans were interested in why I have the tattoos that they saw in some photos this week. It's like the songs. We remember songs because of memories and tattoos are sort of the same thing. Every tattoo has a meaning for me. It will stay with me. I have a lot of memories, good memories, bad memories. I am not disappointed I made them. Hopefully I won't do any more of them.

I was happy to be part of the blog this week. To be honest I had a really great week. I am happy to be home. I don't know who is writing the next blog. I hope it will be a good one. I was reading the blog of Tursunov and it was pretty funny. I hope someone can compete with him!

Thanks to all my fans and to everyone who was reading the blog. I was trying hard to make it funny at times. It was quite an interesting experience. All the best to everybody. I hope you will have a positive feeling about me. A lot of people didn't know much about me off the court, so hopefully you're not disappointed with me. Come and watch me play. I will try to stay around for a while.


Hi to everybody, it’s my sixth day from heaven.

The tournament is coming to an end, tomorrow is the final and we have to leave to the beautiful country of Spain to play a tournament in Madrid, which is a tournament of my managers. They are really doing a good job, trying to make it as good as possible for the players.

They have even made a casting for the models, the ball kids. Instead of kids, they will have real models from all over the world. It actually takes them a little longer to learn how to throw the balls and bring water, towels, because as you know they are good-looking women and are not used to doing this kind of thing.

It is difficult to teach them and make them believe it is a good thing and get paid for it. It is quite impressive. By the end of the week they are smiling to us, which is also pretty impressive. By the end of the week, if you are doing well it also means you are good looking and it is coming naturally.

Some of the guys they even try to get their phone numbers even on court. That is why a lot of good guys are losing in the first round and some of the people don’t care, they just want to play on Center Court just to meet the girls and impress them with their beautiful shots.

That is next week, but this week is coming to an end. Yesterday, I left the courts around 12:30am and I had to find some food to eat and then to go to sleep. We went to an American and Greek bar and we had some Jalapenos, some shrimp, and a couple portions of chicken wings.

The place was full. I was pretty hungry so I bite my tongue badly and I was bleeding to death. But I was lucky that everybody took care of me and I didn’t need surgery. I survived and I managed to come on court today and played impressively. I won 6-4, 6-3 against my countryman and my neighbor from Moscow, Igor Kunitsyn.

The day started pretty well, with a little bit of sunshine but then of course it slowly started to rain. We are facing winter pretty soon and there is less daylight. For example a few weeks ago there was still sunshine around 7pm and I was getting back around 9-10 o’clock. But now at 7pm it is completely dark.

No matter for us, as we are playing indoors because I am basically spending all of the day under lights at the Olympic Stadium built for the Olympic Games of 1980 in case nobody knows.

I’m dictating everything after my match, so it is a little bit difficult to put everything together. I will try to do my best.

I woke up this morning and my toilet broke! So I had to ask my father to come and help me out with that. Like I said yesterday, I had to pay some money to my girlfriend. My father did it.

I had breakfast with my sister and my friend Allon. We went to the same place for the third day running, trying to be a little superstitious. Maybe it will work this time?

I forgot to tell you guys, my name is a curse. I got a warning for shouting my name in yesterday’s match.

I got to the courts and went to hit some balls. Had lunch with Sasha, his ex-wife and his child that I hadn’t seen for six years, plus some other friends of ours.

I was watching a match with Amelie Mauresmo, who led 6-1, 5-2 and lost against Nicole Vaidisova. I must say congratulations to Elena Dementieva, who won a difficult match to earn her place in the masters. She was very happy after the match against Patty Schnyder.

Then, it was my turn. Everything was okay, no stress, no problems. I was a little bit concerned about my match against Janko Tipsarevic as he won last week in a very difficult challenger in Mons. He beat great players, Olivier Rochus and my countryman Evgeny Korolev. He then made some good results here to get to the quarterfinals this week.

Thursday, 12.30 in the morning. He was in bed getting ready to go to sleep. But stupid thoughts started to go into the brain of a tennis player. After 1 hour and 30 minutes he was so exhausted of the mess in his head that finally he fell asleep.

11.20 in the morning - the alarm went off. It was the sign of a new day in my life. One more day in my life and one more day closer to my death, thought the tennis player. Everything was great until he found out that his toilet was broken. If you guys remember what I said a couple of days before about the parents - that they are willing to help you with anything... I decided to use this opportunity and called my rescue team, my father.

So he has a pretty busy day because he has to do some other stuff for me, which was carrying the money from one bank to another bank. I hope he didn't spend any of it at the casino or on some other beauties of our life.

I had breakfast with my friend Allon and my architect/designer girl. She arrived, like every woman, 20 minutes late. So we started to discuss some parts of my future grandkids' home. From our previous discussions and fights we have started to feel like a couple. For you guys it's pretty familiar. You know what I mean.

At the end of the meeting between the customer and the client, she asked for the money. Like every woman, the more beautiful she is the more money she needs. This is just a thought... don't take it too seriously. Anyway, Nicola is writing, so you know who to blame. He's taking all the responsibility for all these thoughts. In a couple of days I will give you his address in case you have some problems. After I gave the money I was released and I was able to leave to go to my job to make more money.

Traffic was pretty heavy. It took us around an hour to get to the club. If you have a comfortable car it's a good time to rest from problems and just be by yourself and have a rest. Now I understand why the husbands and wives have to leave the house, using any excuse.

Second day of autumn in paradise. No thoughts, no stress, no problem, all good signs for a happy day at the office.

Last night my father called me at around 1am and asked me to use one of my cars to take my grandfather to a medical check this morning. Since I am a good son, I told him to come to the apartment in the morning and pick up the keys. When he arrived, I gave him some laundry as a present for my mum…

For some reason, after a certain age our lovable parents enjoy doing things for their kids, like laundry, looking after your flat when you are not around. They are just happy to do anything, anytime for their kids. But when you are young, you have to do all these things, laundry, doing the dishes, cleaning the apartment and all the c—p you hate doing, when the only thing you want to do is go out, hang out with your friends and do whatever is on your mind. Every age has its good parts and bad parts, it is important that you enjoy both of them.

Hello everyone

Somewhere in the Caribbean Islands, it is 30 degrees, sunny, people are lying in the sun maybe drinking a caipirinha…this was my first thought of the day when I woke up. Autumn has finally arrived in paradise (Moscow) and it was grey and rainy this morning.

I woke up at 11:30, which is a pretty good hour. I think I have a nice job because I can wake up when I want.

One of my managers arrived in town last night and we were supposed to have dinner together with a friend of mine who is a soccer player. He actually doesn’t play much but I still like him. Allon, my manager, could not come in the end because he was tired and probably went to the Swedish Embassy. We had a good dinner last night at a place called Galleria.

This morning I picked up Allon and we had brunch together next to my place. We had some good food and coffee and talked the same b------t as always. It was a warm feeling inside the nice cafeteria even if it was wet outside.

There was so much traffic as always today in Moscow. I think that 90% of the people do not know where they are driving or the reason. How can this country function like that? There is always traffic. Who is working? It is just like in Italy, the most amazing country apart from Russia. People never work there, they are always eating or fixing their hair. But I guess the most talented people do not need to work and I think that the Italians are the most talented people in the world apart from the Russians.

Hello everyone,

It is my duty this week to write the blog from the Kremlin Cup in Moscow and I will try to do my best to make it work and be published on Since I am not an internet type of guy and if I wrote it myself it would take me a few days to finish one page, the person who will write it for me is Nicola Arzani of the ATP. In case you don’t like it you can blame him.

I now live in Monte Carlo but Moscow is my hometown and in my opinion it is the most incredible and most improved city in the entire world. I have not been to every city in the world, but from what I have seen, Moscow is the best. Of course I have a lot of friends here, I grew up here, so every time I come back here I try to enjoy as much as I can. It is sometimes difficult for me to combine work and pleasure but this is a week of work only for me…I am happy to be in Moscow and play the Kremlin Cup but I need to make a lot of sacrifices because I want to do well this week. So I will not be going out, no late dinners, everything will be around work this week. But I will make up for it once the season is finished after the Davis Cup final again here in Moscow in December…

I got to Moscow after a long and difficult trip. I was here for the Davis Cup semifinals against the United States in September, then I left to play ATP events in Bangkok and Metz. After losing in Metz, I flew back to Moscow but I missed the connection in Frankfurt and I arrived late. Nobody enjoyed that trip. When I got into town, I met with friends for dinner so that they could update me on life in Moscow without me. We went to a Japanese restaurant. I went back to my apartment pretty exhausted and slept for 12 hours.

When I got up I had corn flakes and coffee, I had no energy to cook anything. That’s the sad part of being single; nobody cooks for you, washes the dishes or does the laundry. So I never eat at home. My parents live not too far from me so they kindly do my laundry.

On Saturday I hit with (Nikolay) Davydenko, but after 45 minutes I had broken two racquets so I left the court as I had none left. It was a short day at the office…

I met again with friends for dinner and we went to a different Japanese restaurant and then we had coffee in the centre near Hermitage Park, where they have a club, a couple of restaurants and an old wooden house where they have a nice place where you can drink tea or coffee (but my friends preferred to smoke the water pipe…) I was pretty tempted to go to the nightclub for a drink but I stayed strong and went back home like a good boy. I was very proud of myself.

In December 31, 2005, ATP produced an effort to attract more people to visit their website  (formerly, and it was the Players' Blog. It was a success, with unique visitors to the site multiplying by the month. (Sadly it was discontinued, the last one was Nikolay Davydenko's blog from Portschach.)

And thank God, half a year after its launch (precisely October 9, 2006), our dearest Russian tennis player blogged (ATP Staff Nikola Arzani writing for him) in his hometown Moscow for the Kremlin Cup, talking about everyday tennis life, random things, opinions and TGFR staff with the "Marat Blog Us" Sign.

Here is a copy of that blog, originally posted at the ATP website. The blog is still accessible at the site, but I decided to post it here too. Here's the link to the blog if you're interested to read it from there.

Have fun reading his posts!