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I’m dictating everything after my match, so it is a little bit difficult to put everything together. I will try to do my best.

I woke up this morning and my toilet broke! So I had to ask my father to come and help me out with that. Like I said yesterday, I had to pay some money to my girlfriend. My father did it.

I had breakfast with my sister and my friend Allon. We went to the same place for the third day running, trying to be a little superstitious. Maybe it will work this time?

I forgot to tell you guys, my name is a curse. I got a warning for shouting my name in yesterday’s match.

I got to the courts and went to hit some balls. Had lunch with Sasha, his ex-wife and his child that I hadn’t seen for six years, plus some other friends of ours.

I was watching a match with Amelie Mauresmo, who led 6-1, 5-2 and lost against Nicole Vaidisova. I must say congratulations to Elena Dementieva, who won a difficult match to earn her place in the masters. She was very happy after the match against Patty Schnyder.

Then, it was my turn. Everything was okay, no stress, no problems. I was a little bit concerned about my match against Janko Tipsarevic as he won last week in a very difficult challenger in Mons. He beat great players, Olivier Rochus and my countryman Evgeny Korolev. He then made some good results here to get to the quarterfinals this week.

Before our match I started to count my points, the number of points I have left to be in the Top 50. I think I made it.

Tomorrow I play against my countryman Igor Kunitsyn. I have known the guy for many years and he is my neighbor. It will be an interesting match and finally our tournament can be happy. For sure Nikolay Davydenko will get to the final. Sorry for Fabrice [Santoro], but I don’t think he has much of a chance because of the way Davydenko is playing right now – he is the favorite. So it will probably be an all-Russian final and the tournament directors will be happy about it. The tournament has been great this year.

I can’t tell you too much more, as I spent all day here in the locker room and restaurant. I was completely disconnected from the outside world. I tried to stay focused on my match.

I’m again recovering from my match. I don’t have many racquets left now – only four out of the eight that I started the tournament with. Two of them thanks to Davydenko, one against Daniele Bracciali yesterday and one against Tipsarevic because I was pretty upset about the surface and a lot of bad bounces. I had to complain and of course the victim was the racquet.

The chair umpire was great today. Italian. The last two weeks I have had something about Italians. I don’t know why, but maybe there is a meaning it. Maybe later I will find out about it.

That’s it guys, nothing interesting tonight, but I am sure I will do better tomorrow. Now it is 11:30pm and my brain does not work anymore. I was pretty nervous today and stressed all during the match, that is why I have kept it short.

Tomorrow I will be back. Hopefully it will be a positive day for me. I wish you all the best, be good. Don’t do anything stupid no matter where you are.

All the best, to all of you.



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