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It's my last day here and now I have to look forward to the last three weeks of the season, beginning next week in Madrid. Tomorrow I have a very early start because I will have to wake up around 4 o'clock for a plane at seven. It will be a difficult day - particularly after I celebrate a little bit tonight with my friends - but that is the life of a tennis player.

Right now I am sitting in the locker room after a long final that I lost against Davydenko. I am pretty disappointed about a few things in my head. The most disappointing thing is I had a chance to win, but today Nikolay was much better. It was a great success for the tournament to have two Russians in the final and it was great to play in front of a full crowd.

I heard that some fans were interested in why I have the tattoos that they saw in some photos this week. It's like the songs. We remember songs because of memories and tattoos are sort of the same thing. Every tattoo has a meaning for me. It will stay with me. I have a lot of memories, good memories, bad memories. I am not disappointed I made them. Hopefully I won't do any more of them.

I was happy to be part of the blog this week. To be honest I had a really great week. I am happy to be home. I don't know who is writing the next blog. I hope it will be a good one. I was reading the blog of Tursunov and it was pretty funny. I hope someone can compete with him!

Thanks to all my fans and to everyone who was reading the blog. I was trying hard to make it funny at times. It was quite an interesting experience. All the best to everybody. I hope you will have a positive feeling about me. A lot of people didn't know much about me off the court, so hopefully you're not disappointed with me. Come and watch me play. I will try to stay around for a while.




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