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Hello everyone

Somewhere in the Caribbean Islands, it is 30 degrees, sunny, people are lying in the sun maybe drinking a caipirinha…this was my first thought of the day when I woke up. Autumn has finally arrived in paradise (Moscow) and it was grey and rainy this morning.

I woke up at 11:30, which is a pretty good hour. I think I have a nice job because I can wake up when I want.

One of my managers arrived in town last night and we were supposed to have dinner together with a friend of mine who is a soccer player. He actually doesn’t play much but I still like him. Allon, my manager, could not come in the end because he was tired and probably went to the Swedish Embassy. We had a good dinner last night at a place called Galleria.

This morning I picked up Allon and we had brunch together next to my place. We had some good food and coffee and talked the same b------t as always. It was a warm feeling inside the nice cafeteria even if it was wet outside.

There was so much traffic as always today in Moscow. I think that 90% of the people do not know where they are driving or the reason. How can this country function like that? There is always traffic. Who is working? It is just like in Italy, the most amazing country apart from Russia. People never work there, they are always eating or fixing their hair. But I guess the most talented people do not need to work and I think that the Italians are the most talented people in the world apart from the Russians.

After brunch I showed Allon my apartment in Moscow, which will probably never be ready. Maybe my grandchildren will be the ones who will see it ready. Then we drove to the courts where we arrived two hours before practice. I had a couple of coffees with my parents and my sister and my mum told me all the inside family information. I felt very much like Tony Soprano and I liked it pretty much.

I practiced looking at the scoreboard and saw my sister losing her match. Then I had some pasta and talked more with my parents and friends and gave a lecture on life to Pepo Clavet, who is from a village called Madrid and has arrived to the big city life of Moscow. He seems a little bit lost so I gave him some tips on how to enjoy life at 60 (his current age) in Moscow. I had a laugh with Verdasco who travels with all his family gang to support him because he does not have enough attention with all the women…Pepo, who is Verdasco’s coach, is a nice guy and if he reads this blog, I really like him. He promised to show me around Madrid so I have to be nice to him from now on.

After that I went into the locker room to get ready for my opening match at the 
Kremlin Cup. The match before me was Kirilenko-Schiavone and after the first set I taped my feet, warmed up, Sasha Volkov started to put some paranoia in my head (now play, behave, all this b------t) so I made him feel useful and I listened to all that.

Maria lost serve at 5-4 in the second set and I ended up staying in the locker room for two more hours. I started to hate it, I knew it would end 7-6 in the third and of course I was right. Some junior players were in the locker room and we talked non-sense and I really felt my age, which is 14 years old.

The match finally ended and I went on court with my legs shaking, my hands shaking and my body not listening to me. I guess it is just like all players before a match so that we feel we are ready for the match.

The match went pretty well, in the first set Mahut broke himself and I won 6-3. In the second set I saw three girls holding up a sign “Marat Blog Us” so I put them in the blog! Thanks for reading me and I hope you are not the only ones. In the middle of the second set I prayed “Mahut please break yourself again” and he must have listened to me. He did it again. Everyone was happy, Safin through to the second round. I feel very relieved.

After the match Nicola Arzani came to the court (he makes me write this blog so he will have to suffer with me mentioning his name) and told me to do the press. It went smoothly, I said a couple of stupid jokes and felt like a clown. Everybody wished me luck for the next round.

We had a pretty good crowd for a first round. After the match I took a shower and went on the massage table from where I am dictating this blog.

I hope it will not be too boring.

Good night and talk to you tomorrow.

Thanks for reading me




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