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Second day of autumn in paradise. No thoughts, no stress, no problem, all good signs for a happy day at the office.

Last night my father called me at around 1am and asked me to use one of my cars to take my grandfather to a medical check this morning. Since I am a good son, I told him to come to the apartment in the morning and pick up the keys. When he arrived, I gave him some laundry as a present for my mum…

For some reason, after a certain age our lovable parents enjoy doing things for their kids, like laundry, looking after your flat when you are not around. They are just happy to do anything, anytime for their kids. But when you are young, you have to do all these things, laundry, doing the dishes, cleaning the apartment and all the c—p you hate doing, when the only thing you want to do is go out, hang out with your friends and do whatever is on your mind. Every age has its good parts and bad parts, it is important that you enjoy both of them.

This morning my father came to my flat; we went to the garage so that he could pick up the car and we wished each other a good day. I had lunch with my manager Allon. Next to us there was a table with three guys. One of them was talking on the phone trying to make his point. He wanted money from the other guy on the phone but the other guy did not want to pay him for his services. He kept saying he had done everything for the service he was asked to do and needed to be paid. He thought they were going to have a meeting, that’s why he probably brought the other two guys, but the other person did not show up…

After lunch I came to the courts, nothing special, same routine for a day off, no stress, no match, so short day at the office. I hit a few balls, went to the gym and pretended to do something there, took a shower, had lunch and now Nicola is writing. I have the rest of the day free. My plan after giving the story to him is going home, have a couple of meetings, go for dinner and then to finish the day on a good note, have tea with my friends. After that I will slowly start thinking about the next match and another day to enjoy.

Good night everybody, I wish you all sweet dreams and no nightmares. If you’re not alone I wish that the person next to you loves you very much and hopefully for you, you feel the same for the other person, otherwise you will have a tough time falling asleep.

Talk to you tomorrow my friends.



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