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How long has it been, with Marat, winning back-to-back-matches? A. LA Tennis Open!

This is Marat's second quarterfinal of the year, and everybody is very very excited to see a Safin-Nadal clash today.

Safin defeated an injured Jose Acasuso (ARG) in straight sets, (6-4, 6-2) kept his perfect form and consistent serve, didn't allow any break for Acasuso in the first set, and ultimately gain confidence in the second, enough to keep his charge going the right way.

And just yesterday, Marat pulled a cosmic show by defeating his second-round Chilean opponent Fernando Gonzalez, who was seeded 7th in the tourney, in a classic 6-3 6-4 match.

This evening, Marat has yet to face a more formidable challenger, Rafael Nadal, who narrowly won against James Blake, and the streams will be on.

It takes a vast amount of emotions to pull these news through, but I say, let's sit and watch our streams.
It's going to be a pretty good ride. Wherever the wind blows, Marat sure is the best. :p

Some pics!
More practice with Blake:
Safin-Acasuso match:
at the press conference:
Safin-Gonzalez match:
The press conference after that:
Time for the Fans!

Remember: Safin-Nadal match is scheduled for the evening, not before 7pm.

Tune in to MTF,  for more details.

I won't be watching, but I hope we shall yield good results.

Davai Marat!
And the long wait is over for Chinese fans: Here's to China Open!

Another tournament, another day closer to Marat's retirement. Heh, now you'd wish you could turn back time and look back to yesteryears' Australian Open 2005, well, nah. This is all we get now.

Now after all the press releases and the wildcard talk, Marat finally hopped into a plane and did not disappoint.
He's already there, arrived with the 'caterpillar' shirt (as my friend aptly described), and will face Jose Acasuso, his first round-opponent. Seems like the Chinese do want the Russian for keeps, they've set a collision very favorable to Marat due to Acasuso's injuries.

Match has been postponed for today and will start on Tuesday. The farewell party will be held after Marat's last match in Beijing. Next stop is Shanghai. But till then, let's party.

Photos at the airport:
Practice, but not shirtless:
A video for everybody, just follow the link:
And an article about Marat's practice, which is pretty nice:Fans in China love to watch Marat Safin practice.

When Marat Safin practices in China, people pay attention. More than 100 fans gathered around the former No. 1's practice court Saturday to watch a warm-up set between Safin and the American James Blake. There were a few Blake fans, but people came out en mass to cheer Safin on.

One fan wearing Safin's image on his shirt reached under the court fence to snag a ball that had been graced by the touch of Safin's racquet. When Safin laughed at him, the crowd cooed. When he missed a point and threw his racquet in disgust, the crowd gasped. One fan waved the flag of Safin's Russian homeland while another held a "We love Safin" sign upside-down, perhaps unfamiliar with the particulars of the English language.

Though Safin won the China Open in 2004, he is no longer at the top of his game. Currently ranked 58, Safin only reached the Beijing-based tournament after officals gave him a wild card.

But that doesn't stop his fans from obsessing over him. When asked why the Chinese love Safin, one female fan replied, "He's just so sexy. I love looking at pictures of him."

It seems that there are many Chinese who want Safin's picture. Fans pushed cameras through the court fence hoping to get a clean shot of the tennis star. Even a police officer took a break from his patrol to capture a picture of Safin, trying different angles in hopes of the perfect shot.

And Safin is good to the fans who love him. After practice, Safin instructed his entourage to toss used tennis balls into the crowd, transforming them into a sea of grabbing hands. Safin then spent a few moments signing autographs, causing guards to re-enforce the barricades holding the masses at bay.

Organizers of the 2009 China Open plan to throw a farewell party Safin this week.

By Jim Buell

A Tsingtao to Maratik!
Here's an article on the China Open site about Marat holding his retirement ceremony there, along with the release Main Draw Entry List.

"On the women’s side, the first wild card goes to Belgium player, former world No. 1,Kim Clijsters. On the men’s side Marin Cilic from Croatia, Marat Safin from Russia, and Marcos Baghdatis from Cyprus received the three wild cards. All the past champions at China Open since 2004 are most likely to meet again at China Open.

Marat Safin had confirmed to hold his retirement ceremony at China Open. He expressed his affection and gratitude for China Open in his letter to the Chinese fans: “I had great experience at China Open last time I was there, and to win the champion at China Open is very important moment for me as well. I am very happy I will be back to Beijing this October to participate the first year of newly upgrade China Open, I would like to invite you all come and witness this great tournament with me at Olympic Stadium. And I also like you all be there and spend one of my memorable time with me at China Open.”

“Marat Safin has several options to hold his retirement ceremony after the US Open, including Beijing, Shanghai, Paris and Moscow,” said the player manager of China Open Organizing Committee, “and yet he chose China Open to bid farewell to all his fans around the world.” Safin means a lot to China Open and China Open also witnessed Safin achieving his best accomplishments. To bid farewell at China Open is to show his gratitude for his fans in China and in Asia. Fighting in the same stadium with his sister Safina undoubted means something special for him, noted the manager.

I thought Bercy was the place to say it formally. Well plans change....

After his last US Open appearance which lasted till the first round, Marat's ranking has moved three spots down, from 58 to 61 as of Monday, September 14 20.

His tournament schedule goes as follows:

September 21 - Bangkok, Thailand
PTT Thailand Open (เปิด PTT ประเทศไทย )

October 02 - Beijing, China
China Open (中國公開賽)

October 16 - Moscow, Russia
Kremlin Cup (Кубок Кремля)

October 25 - St. Petersburg, Russia
St. Petersburg Open (Санкт-Петербурге открыто)

November 21 - Paris-Bercy, France
BNB Paribas Masters

Of all the remaining tournaments Marat has yet to play, PTT Thailand Open and the Kremlin Cup are the ones he haven't won yet in his lifetime. Safin once won China Open back in 2004, St. Petersburg twice in 2000 and 2001, Paris thrice in 2000, 2002 and 2004 (And he was a runner-up in 1999). Overall Marat chose to play the tournaments he holds dear to his heart. But let us not forget he was the runner-up twice in Moscow (2007 and 2008), and it is his hometown. Hopefully, his mates will allow him to clinch the victory this time.

Let's all be patient and don't forget to watch him on his final days of tennis!


Please tell if me I have overlooked anything of importance. Meanwhile, let us enjoy Marat's farewell tour to the highest extent.
Marat's received a wildcard entry along with Marcos Baghdatis on October 2. Everyone's happy, another tournament for the farewell tour. Dinara's also in. :)

Here's the actual article, released this week. Indulge. Lucky are the people who get to watch him play.

Grand slams stars to shine at China Open
By Guan Xiaomeng (
Updated: 2009-09-09 17:24
One year after the Beijing Olympics, the Beijing Olympic Green Tennis Court will again host Rafael Nadal, the Beijing Olympic champion, together with a swarm of his fellow star players.   The organizing committee of the China Open tennis tournament announced on Monday all of the regular players confirmed to play at the upcoming Open in early October are ranked within the ATP top 50.

  Top ten seeds and grand slam winners including Novak Djokovic and Andy Roddick will join the tournament in China and eighteen of the top-30 ranked men's players have also confirmed. All of the 25 regular players are from the top 45. Two of the wildcards have gone to former China Open champions, but lower-ranked, Marat Safin of Russia and Marcos Baghdatis of Cyprus.