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EDIT: Everything locked already but people will still have access. :(

Annie, the moderator just put the board in maintenance mode. It's a sad day for everyone of us who's ever been part of the forum. Everything's gonna be locked. I got to post a little before she did. Refreshed after a good five minutes and I'm logged out.

All good things must come to an end, as the last thread on TGFR was named, it was true.

Let's follow Marat till Bercy.
I say put it 'on hold' mode till 2011. Somebody might be coming back. But this is wishful thinking on my behalf.

Truly yours,
Well not 'closing down' really, but the legendary The Guy From Russia website ( is going to be locked down when the 2009 US Open ends. It will still be open for viewing, but members cannot post and update anything. When the next year arrives the forum will be going into archives. That's the bye-bye part. Although there are still other forums alive,,,, (Russian forum with hardly any traffic) and some others, this site has been one of the forefathers of Maratik love. Everyone's been to the site and we will surely miss it very very much, with very colourful people like Anna, Lau, Ily, Annette, Lena, Mary, Tinuviel, Justsafin, Annie, Dina, and so much more...

The administration's decision cannot be appealed... And by the time you have read this, it's already closed.

This site has a plan is to make the information in TGFR still available to other people, even though we all know not many of them will be interested in a retired tennis player, but still, this is our much-loved Marat Safin. And LOVE NEVER DIES. Davai Marat!

I cannot promise to deliver! :) First I will have to ask the administrators and moderators if such thing can be done. :)

Thanks :)