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Technically, yes. Some breaking news for all of us in AFP, 52 minutes ago fashion...

Nadal withdraws from Thailand Open (AFP)

BANGKOK — Spanish world number two Rafael Nadal has withdrawn from next week's Thailand Open due to a stomach injury, the Lawn Tennis Association of Thailand said Monday.

The Thailand Open will be held from September 26 until October 4 in the suburbs of Bangkok with a top prize of 608,500 dollars.

"Nadal has informed organisers that he has an acute rupture of the right abdominal muscle and would like to withdraw from the Thailand Open," LTAT president Suwat Lipatapanlop told AFP.

It is the second time that Nadal has withdrawn from the tournament after pulling out in 2007 with a knee injury.

Suwat said he was disappointed but the tournament would still feature reigning champion Jo-Wilfried Tsonga of France, French world number ten Gilles Simon and two-time grand slam winner Marat Safin of Russia.


Well at least the draw will be quite safe for Maratik, and hopefully, this will end into something very pleasant! Well I know that it's bad having a party because Nadal's out with an injury, but Marat needs all the help he can get to at least win a ATP 250 title before he takes his stride towards the ultimate retirement. Don't you quite agree?

Anyway, on other news, we've got the Chinese Maratik fans wanting you to participate in how Marat's retirement ceremony should go, style-wise, if you plan for dedications and roses. If you have great ideas, please do not hesitate to mail fino7marat e-mail address referral, here ya go:

Good luck with that one!

Let's send a plane encrusted in gold with the letters W-E-L-O-V-E-Y-O-U-M-A-R-A-T! See you on the 25! ~.~