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It's confirmed! But sorry to be too late, the site which offered the news exclusively wanted me to pay for viewing a short article, but it's all good now.

Good news for Chinese fans yet again, Marat's a wildcard entry at the Shanghai Masters, the first one was China Open's, but those offers are for him to decide on, which to turn down or accept. So tourney goers, wait for a little more information, just in case Marat decides to skip on Shanghai, tickets are still available at the Thailand Open, I hear...

Here's the official news on Shanghai Daily:

Masters Wildcards

SHANGHAI fans will get a chance to bid adieu to Marat Safin as the Russian, who will retire after the season, has been granted one of two remaining wildcards for the ATP Shanghai Masters 1000, organizers announced yesterday. 

The other singles wildcard for the October 10-18 competition has gone to Ivan Ljubicic of Croatia, who came to Shanghai in 2005 and 2006 for the year-ending Masters Cup. 

"I'm so glad to know that I have so many fans in China," Safin said. "I will try and give them my best performance." 
Earlier, two other wildcards were given to China's Zeng Shaoxuan and Gong Maoxin.

So till then. :)
While waiting for the Thailand Open to begin in 2 days, and still no OOP, let's drift our focus and look ahead:

The Kremlin Cup held in Moscow, Russia is a month's throwaway and I'm excited, just as the Russians are, as they've already released the official acceptance list last week, and I published it late. Well, who reads these anyway ;)

But the good player always checks his opponents out before he wields the mighty sword to strike, so, for the fun of it, let's skim through.

So here's the Main Draw in order determined by ATP ranking, as of 08/31/09. Our spotlight-friendly Maratik is 11th on the tournament.

Kremlin Cup boasts of 7 Russians in the draw, followed by France with 3, and two from Argentina. Speaking in continental terms excluding the forementioned countries, the tourney has a total of 8 contenders from Europe, 2 from Asia, 1 from South America, and another one from the North. (I'm too technical for my taste.)

Davydenko, Nikolay
Cilic, Marin
Mathieu, Paul-Henri
Hanescu, Victor
Andreev, Igor
Kunitsyn, Igor
Santoro, Fabrice
Vassallo, Arguello Martin
Zverev, Mischa
Golubev, Andrey
Youzhny, Mikhail
Koellerer, Daniel
Tipsarevic, Janko
Cuevas, Pablo
Lu, Yen-Hsun
Rochus, Christophe
Fognini, FabioI
Gabashvili, Teimuraz
Ginepri, Robby
Zeballos, Horacio
Korolev, Evgeny
Gicquel, Marc

Here's a career refresher: Marat was twice the runner-up, firstly in 2006 (bloggy days), to fellow Russian Kolya Davydenko, and in 2008, again to a compatriot, Igor Kunitsyn. I say, it could be Maratik this year, ringing bells, third time lucky, maybe just like the 2005 Australian Open (2002 and 2004 runner-ups to Johansson and Federer, respectively), and Paris (three-time champion 2000, 2002, 2004).

His run to the final was just last year, let's give him credit for that. And this is his last in his beloved homeland, so I think he might want to give it another hard punch. I am done with Marat and 'expectations', they are the most extreme antonyms I've ever heard of, so I just hope everything's in his favour.

It's a pretty relative draw, and all is up to Marat. He's beaten most of the guys in this list, and if anyone's a problem it's surely him, but I wouldnt wish for that, eh, right?

But before these worries come we have three tournaments before it! It depends on the ranking if Marat can make the Shanghai Masters 1000, I heard. Let us hope so. The schedule will be hard on him though, so let's pray for his good health and yours too...

whilst I'll be praying that my boss won't fire me before the tennis season ends for watching treaming matches while working. "Excusez-moi madamoiselle, these are my precious lunch breaks" is a fine reply if she demands an explanation for such inexcusable behaviour, don't you think?

I'm pretty close to the timelines of the tourneys except for Paris, so it'll be no problem, I'm not getting up in 4 in the morning to watch. So there. I think I'll be able to pull a stream for us guys. But anyway, MTF should be first at the scene, so just stop by here if there's none there by the time Marat's match is on. Be recording those videos too, for replay and archiving pleasures. :)


PTT Thailand Open (Bangkok) ATP 250 Event
09/26/09 through 10/02/09

China Open (Beijing) ATP 500 Event
10/02/09 through 10/11/09

Shanghai Masters (Shanghai) ATP Masters 1000 Event
10/10/09 through 10/18/09 (Tentative, if Marat attends the tourney...)

Saint Petersburg Open (Saint Petersburg) ATP 250 Event
10/17/09 through 10/25/09

Kremlin Cup (Moscow) ATP 250 Event
10/17/09 through 10/25/09

Paris Masters (Paris-Bercy) ATP Masters 1000 Event
11/07/09 through 11/15/09

'Tis nice to watch my English skills sharpening a bit!
God, that was long.
After his last US Open appearance which lasted till the first round, Marat's ranking has moved three spots down, from 58 to 61 as of Monday, September 14 20.

His tournament schedule goes as follows:

September 21 - Bangkok, Thailand
PTT Thailand Open (เปิด PTT ประเทศไทย )

October 02 - Beijing, China
China Open (中國公開賽)

October 16 - Moscow, Russia
Kremlin Cup (Кубок Кремля)

October 25 - St. Petersburg, Russia
St. Petersburg Open (Санкт-Петербурге открыто)

November 21 - Paris-Bercy, France
BNB Paribas Masters

Of all the remaining tournaments Marat has yet to play, PTT Thailand Open and the Kremlin Cup are the ones he haven't won yet in his lifetime. Safin once won China Open back in 2004, St. Petersburg twice in 2000 and 2001, Paris thrice in 2000, 2002 and 2004 (And he was a runner-up in 1999). Overall Marat chose to play the tournaments he holds dear to his heart. But let us not forget he was the runner-up twice in Moscow (2007 and 2008), and it is his hometown. Hopefully, his mates will allow him to clinch the victory this time.

Let's all be patient and don't forget to watch him on his final days of tennis!


Please tell if me I have overlooked anything of importance. Meanwhile, let us enjoy Marat's farewell tour to the highest extent.