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How long has it been, with Marat, winning back-to-back-matches? A. LA Tennis Open!

This is Marat's second quarterfinal of the year, and everybody is very very excited to see a Safin-Nadal clash today.

Safin defeated an injured Jose Acasuso (ARG) in straight sets, (6-4, 6-2) kept his perfect form and consistent serve, didn't allow any break for Acasuso in the first set, and ultimately gain confidence in the second, enough to keep his charge going the right way.

And just yesterday, Marat pulled a cosmic show by defeating his second-round Chilean opponent Fernando Gonzalez, who was seeded 7th in the tourney, in a classic 6-3 6-4 match.

This evening, Marat has yet to face a more formidable challenger, Rafael Nadal, who narrowly won against James Blake, and the streams will be on.

It takes a vast amount of emotions to pull these news through, but I say, let's sit and watch our streams.
It's going to be a pretty good ride. Wherever the wind blows, Marat sure is the best. :p

Some pics!
More practice with Blake:
Safin-Acasuso match:
at the press conference:
Safin-Gonzalez match:
The press conference after that:
Time for the Fans!

Remember: Safin-Nadal match is scheduled for the evening, not before 7pm.

Tune in to MTF,  for more details.

I won't be watching, but I hope we shall yield good results.

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