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I ain't lying.

Good, good news! We have reduced the possibilities of searching for flickering live video streams! No more hunting! No more tears. No more small screens on bet365. Big ones. Television! Start your recorders!!!! TV, baby!

The Thailand Open organizers decided to widen its audience for a good cause: Rafael Nadal is out. But most importantly: 
Marat Safin is playing!

I hope he doesn't shorten his TV time now that we're all hyped up and ready to roll, and probably this is the next best thing to being there!

By Channel: Live!!!! NO delays!
Check your Time Zones so you would know when you're gonna wake up, most appropriately.

  • ESPN Star Sports

  • ESPN 360 USA
  • Band Sports Brazil

  • NOW Hong Kong
  • SBS Korea
  • NTV Russia (Well, Europe too)

  • Hi-TV Nigeria

  • Sky New Zealand

  • Sport + France
  • CNBC Europe (Highlights)

Well, I thank Star Sports. :):):):):) although I do fancy live streaming ;)
If anyone's still not covered by these, you can always check and other regular sources of info: MTF or (Or the Marat Safin thread in the forum of Andy Murray's site. See LT! ;oD)

On Marat News:Well caught a lead about his whereabouts - He's in Russia, and will arrive at Bangkok by Sunday.Hmm, hope Thai fans and international fans who went there will give us some information how he's doing.

Read more to see the article published on
PTT Thailand Open tennis goes global
24 September 2009

Tournament organizers, BEC-Tero Entertainment Limited and their international television distributors IEC in Sports today announced live broadcast of the PTT Thailand Open on six continents.

The tournament, which starts on 26 September and runs until 4 October, will be broadcast live in Europe, Africa, Middle East, North America, Latin America, Oceania and throughout Asia.  Major television broadcasters include ESPN Star Sports, NOW Sports Hong Kong, SBS Korea, Sky New Zealand, NTV Russia, Sport + France, ESPN 360 USA, Band Sports Brazil and Hi-TV Nigeria. Tournament highlights will also be aired on CNBC Europe. In total, more than 100 countries representing some 155 million households will be able to watch the world’s best players perform at the PTT Thailand Open.

“The profile of the PTT Thailand Open around the globe is huge,” said Executive Committee Chairman Mr. Suwat Liptapanlop. “The eyes of the world will be on Bangkok watching some of the world’s most exciting players in action.”

“The PTT Thailand Open has been extremely well received by the world’s tennis broadcasters. It’s one of the best managed and best produced tournaments on the ATP Tour and continues to grow from strength to strength” said Guy Horne, Director, Sports Rights, IEC in Sports.

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