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Welcome to the Marat Safin Archive!

Well, everyone's here for a reason. And that reason is Marat Mikhailovich Safin alone. Soon-to-retire (That's why it's an archive) Russian tennis player fluent in Russian (of course, of course), Spanish and English, easily the one of the world's most talented tennis player with a killer two-handed backhand down the baseline. And not only that, you get a whole package: Handsome and tall, standing at 6'4'', he makes the ATP pro players look like anything but small (well except a few taller guys like Isner and Karlovic), physically and mentally, well, kinda. (We all know this guy's bigger than tennis reading Paulo Coelho and Lenin.) Armed with dry wit and classic, unprecedented one-of-a-class natural humor, who'd not get soft with this person? I say everybody has been in love with Marat Safin even once in their lifetime. Not just the girls. Guys look up to him. Everybody. Tennis has become much of a bore with our cardboard cutouts. With Marat, no two matches are the same. Predict the unpredictable.

Now I'll be going 'Serious Business' mode. This site was made for obvious reasons - Now that this is Marat's farewell tour, the purpose to document Maratik's tennis life from 1997-2009. Feel free to browse the pages, and see something your eyes could feast on, may it be shocking quotes from the 2000 ASAP Quotable Player of the Year or just him in photos of classic shirtlessness (But I swear he's hotter in a tux). Anyone who wants to share and help, please do contact me. I'm around, Monday to Saturday. Enjoy the site. And it won't be certainly enjoyable without the Russian tennis star. But if he'd read this, He'd just say, "Stars are only in the sky."

P.S. If anyone finds this introduction less than amusing, or something really bad, please do tell. You might make a good contributor.

Stick around. the News and Updates page offers updates on Marat's farewell tour, and how the site is going. Hopefully I'll be able to fix everything in place before September ends.


FOOTNOTE: This is a non-profit site. And it isn't using any secret Google AdSense either. No ads, no fuss, no tennis racquet commercials and promotions, just plain and good Safinaticism. Other links that lead to other sites are all related to Marat Safin. And, no-self-promotion here. If that was the case, I'd splash my name in technicolor glory. :):) XOXO