Marat Safin Archive


Of course there's a limit to what this site can offer you.

I suggest you these sites that you can actually interact with more people about your undying love for the tempestuous Russian. But you have probably been there. But if not, it's always worth checking out.

The official Marat Safin website


If you're a true blue Safin fan, you'd say this is a fake one with the address and all that. But hold your horses, it's the real deal. This one's cached and archived before the site went down, thanks to Pick a date, and have fun. Some of the earlier versions of this site were from fans before Marat's management bought the domain, but they're entertaining as well, so click away at the link.

Men's Tennis Forums


Tada! The Marat Safin Message Board. People from around the world appreciating Marat Safin. Go wherever your heart tells you, whether if it's in the PARTAY thread, count yourself in the Census in Hippoland, Post some goodies in the 2009 Piccies thread, yada yada. Or browse around.

On being a member: It takes time for e-mail verification though. But we'll see you there. And let's be friends too.

The Guy From Russia


Everybody's favorite forum. Sadly closed on September 14, 2009. But the forum is still up and viewable until December 31, 2009, before it goes into archives. Missing some old pictures of Marat? Here is the place to be. A very valuable forum where the Moderators are quite popular (Got themselves in a picture with Marat on Marat's ATP Tour 2006 Moscow Blog,  eternally) and a bunch of funny people. Everything you need is in this forum. :) Long live TGFR. A proud member. ;)



Although Christine, the creator of this site has already kind of abandoned the Safinator site, with the front page not updated for a year, it's still up and running, most probably till the end of the year. Read along poignant fan experiences or just stretch your eye skills and verbal skills on the board. They also have a gallery exclusive to themselves which you won't find on other sites.

Marat Safin on Free Boards


'Nuther forum for us to indulge! Sign up or just see how the forum goes. :) The webmaster of the site has some very good updates about Marat's whereabouts and tournament information. Some members of TGFR and MTF are already here too. And some lurking around as guests. :)

Marat Safin Wiki


So this is the wiki article on Marat. It certainly needs some tune-ups, maybe you could lend a hand, if you're a writer and you know how the biography of a living person works...or just feel free to read. Fact from Wikipedia: In Australia, the most watched television broadcast was Lleyton Hewitt and Marat Safin's final face-off in Australian Open 2005.

Start jumping to links already. :)

International Marat Safin fan sites

If you're from the land of the very romantic French, here's the place to be.

Countrymen of Marat, here's the place to discuss your favorite player.

Now if you're from where I'm from, then jump in and join the conversation in this forum.

Now if there's any more forums to be added, see the guestbook page and tell me about it. :)